😒 One that got away on Holloway’s wanted list

Former Grimsby Town manager Ian Holloway made no secret that he didn’t secure his top targets in the summer transfer window.

And one such target that has recently come to our attention is Northern Ireland international striker Shay McCartan, who now plays for Ballymena United.

The 26-year-old left Bradford City in the summer but moved back home to Northern Ireland due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was here that the Newry native became involved with his family’s clothing business.

Shay told the Belfast Telegraph: “Working at home was something new and I was enjoying the hours and the lifestyle and the busyness of it all was great.”

He kept fit during the summer playing Gaelic Football and joined the Sky Blues in September.

It is understood from a source close to the player that the Mariners were prepared to offer the striker a two-year deal to come to Blundell Park but the lure of being able to work full-time and play part-time at a comparable standard was too much for the former Burnley youngster.

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