Player of the Year Awards

Player/Young Player of the Year Awards


Year Player of the Year Young Player of the Year
1972 Harry Wainman  
1973 Dave Booth  
1974 Dave Boylen  
1975 Frank Barton  
1976 Harry Wainman Tony Ford
1977 Joe Waters Kevin Drinkell
1978 Geoff Barker Shaun Mawer
1979 Joe Waters Dave Moore
1980 Dean Crombie Phil Crosby
1981 Nigel Batch Andy O’Dell
1982 Nigel Batch John Steeples
1983 Kevin Drinkell Paul Wilkinson
1984 Tony Ford Gary Lund
1985 Tony Ford Andy Moore
1986 Gordon Hobson Tony Barratt
1987 Neil Robinson John McDermott
1988 Don O’Riordan Tommy Watson
1989 Shaun Cunnington Mark Lever
1990 Garry Birtles John McDermott
1991 Dave Gilbert Mark Lever
1992 Paul Futcher John McDermott
1993 Paul Futcher Gary Croft
1994 Paul Crichton Gary Croft
1995 Gary Croft Gary Croft
1996 Paul Groves Jamie Forrester
1997 Graham Rodger John Oster
1998 Kevin Donovan Daryl Clare
1999 Paul Groves Danny Butterfield
2000 Mark Lever Danny Butterfield
2001 Danny Coyne Jonathan Rowan
2002 Danny Coyne Simon Ford
2003 Georges Santos Darren Mansaram
2004 Phil Jevons Graham Hockless
2005 John McDermott Nick Hegarty
2006 Rob Jones Gary Cohen
2007 Justin Whittle Danny North
2008 Phil Barnes Ryan Bennett
2009 Ryan Bennett Ryan Bennett
2010 Peter Bore Bradley Wood
2011 Alan Connell Bradley Wood
2012 Liam Hearn Conor Townsend
2013 James McKeown Andi Thanoj
2014 James McKeown Andi Thanoj
2015 Carl Magnay Craig Clay
2016 Padraig Amond Jon Nolan
2017 Danny Andrew Calum Dyson
2018 James McKeown Harry Clifton
2019 James McKeown Harry Clifton

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