🗣️ Ex-Mariners defender lifts lid on club’s drinking culture

Cans in the car

Perhaps the most startling revelation from Linwood’s interview was the amount of beer certain Town players would consume ON THE WAY to their morning training session.

“Even I turned round one day and said “this has gone too far””, declared Linwood

“We’d had a Monday session – straight after training, we finished boozing about five that morning, and then we were in for training at nine the next day.

“Adam Proudlock and Peter Sweeney came to pick us up, and both were just the most unbelievable players who had just tossed it off at this point. Those two came to pick me up after a session, and we were drinking cans of Fosters on the way to training, which is out of order because I fucking hate Fosters!

“I drank on the way to training, but in the end I was thinking “we need to sort ourselves out here. It’s not fair on fans” because there were some good people there, but none of us took to Grimsby at all.

“We got relegated. They had us by the balls really – we got relegated in the last game. If we’d have stayed up, my money would have gone up, and if we’d gone down my wages would’ve gone down 40 per cent, so they had everyone over a barrel just to leave without any pay-offs. A few quid and I was on my way.”

Linwood played 29 times for the Mariners, scoring once in a 3-1 defeat to AFC Bournemouth. After leaving Blundell Park, he turned out for Fleetwood Town, Chester, Salford City, Connah’s Quay Nomads, Ramsbottom United, and is now on the books of Trafford in the Northern Premier League Division One West.

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