⚫⚪ Mariners preparing to put fringe players on furlough?

Reports from sources close to the Grimsby Town first team squad have suggested that the club are looking to place some of their fringe players back on furlough, just to keep the books balanced at Blundell Park.

It is understood that at least one senior pro has been told he will be furloughed for the foreseeable future, with a further player being furloughed until the opening of the January transfer window, when he will be free to leave the club. The players involved were told in a meeting(s) earlier this week.

The news comes on the back of Town boss Ian Holloway’s interview with Sky Sports this week, where he hinted at departures from his squad.

He said: “We’re a brilliantly run club. We are. We are one of the best.

“I have never been at anyone (a club) run as efficiently as this. We’re alright at the minute and we will carry on because we have budgeted well.

“We’re going to have to cull some of squad, now that I can have five subs going on. So, I can play the same team over and over again and use five substitutes every game to get them through and some minutes and try to balance it and plan what I am doing.

“It’s not even tactically, it’s just planning fitness-wise. I can cull some of the lads I’ve got, because I am going to have to – we can’t afford it, so I am going to have to do that. Not just in January, I am going to have to think about doing that immediately – we had a meeting last night (Thursday 19 November) about it.”

Holloway’s quotes suggest that he is planning to use a more settled side moving forward, having utilised 36 players in his matchday squads so far.

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