๐Ÿ”ข Squad Numbers – so far

We have seen a number of requests on social media for squad numbers. Here’s what we have so far:

  1. James McKeown
  2. Luke Hendrie
  3. Danny Preston (on loan from Nottingham Forest)
  4. Danny Rose
  5. Ludvig ร–hman
  6. Luke Waterfall
  7. Matt Green
  8. James Hanson
  9. George Williams
  10. Sean Scannell
  11. Montel Gibson
  12. Ollie Battersby
  13. Luke Spokes
  14. Harry Clifton
  15. Ira Jackson Jr.
  16. Alhagi Touray Sisay
  17. Bilel Mohsni
  18. Max Wright
  19. Owura Edwards
  20. James Tilley
  21. Elliott Hewitt
  22. Sam Russell
  23. Jock Curran
  24. Mattie Pollock
  25. Joey Hope
  26. Joe Starbuck
  27. Cameron Painter
  28. Evan Khouri
  29. Duncan Idehen
  30. Ben Davies

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